Enabling the Future!

The Geosimulation Research Group was formed in 2007.

The group’s aim is to to foster the research and development of tools to simulate complex geographic phenomena and associated human spatial behaviors in order to advance our understanding of spatial processes, how systems work dynamically and interactively in the spatial environment, thereby generate new perspectives and innovate towards a sustainable future.

We are not only concerned about properly mapping the distribution and status of natural resources in our environment, we are more concerned with finding out the reasons why such phenomena are happening around us in order that management policies and actions can be designed towards a more sustainable path. This requires new tools to model and simulate natural processes including human spatial behaviors since much of environmental phenomena are induced or accelerated by anthropogenic processes. GeoSimulation provides a dynamic representation of spatial processes including human behaviour; this opportunity will be harnessed to gain more understanding of complex spatial phenomena and to develop new theories and tools to further a sustainable future.

Our research concentrations are: Geoinformatics, Multi-Agent Systems, Cellular Automata, Computational Modelling, Geocompuation, Game Theory, Dynamic systems, Complex systems, Adaptive systems, Spatial Cognition, and Emergence.


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