PhilGEOS 2013 is a follow-up activity to the the very 1st symposium on Geomatics in the Philippines (PhilGEOS 2012) that was held last November 2012. In its second year, PhilGEOS 2013 is again being organized by the Department of Geodetic Engineering of the University of the Philippines – Diliman. To be held in November 28-29, 2013, PhilGEOS is envisioned to be a major gathering of educators, researchers and the industry in the field of Geomatics from different parts of the country, with focus on agriculture and forestry.

PhilGEOS 2013 will be a good venue to synthesize and publicize Geomatics practice and application in agriculture and forestry in the Philippines, and more importantly, in finding ways in how to make these important sectors resilient through time.

For more info, visit the PhilGEOS Microsite


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