GeoSim Faculty attend the Flood Modeling and LiDAR Analysis Training

GeoSim resident members Dr. Rhodora Gonzalez, Jak Sarmiento, Rosario Ang, and Marx Tupas together with Jeark Principe of the EnviSAGE Laboratory and Eugene Herrera and Imee Villalba of the NHRC-Institute of Civil Engineering, attended the Training for the Flood Modeling using LiDAR at the PAGASA Science Garden. This two-week training course was designed to prepare the PAGASA employees, Project NOAH and UP for maximizing the LiDAR datasets of the Philippines. The training is conducted by Dr. Dinand Alkema and Dr. Gabriel Parodi from ITC – The Netherlands, Dr. Menno Straatsma from Utrecht University – The Netherlands and Dr. Martin Isenburg of LASTools, UK. The training was made possible by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), ITC and PAGASA.


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